Updated: 8/27/2018
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  • Exposition
  • Confict
  • rising action
  • The two parents were talking about the kids and the dad tells the mom where they were. The mom tells him that they were at the carnival. Then they talk about there advance house that does what ever they want but they have a nursery that is virtual reality.
  • Climax
  • The kids come the carnival and the parents walk into the nursery. The nursery is stuck in africa and the kids aren't telling them why. They try and get the kids tell them why its in africa but they don't tell them. They all go to bed.
  • falling action
  • The parents hear familiar screams that night then that morning the boy threatens the dad that something bad will happen if they turn off the nursery. Then the dad says that he will not be threatened by his son. The boy walks away from the dad.
  • resolution
  • The dad turns off the nursery and the kids have a tantrum. They scream and cry punching the couch. The mom tells the dad to please turn the nursery back on.
  • The dad turns the nursery back on one last time and gets ready to go to Iowa. The kids thank him a lot for that. They hug them and they jump up and down happy.
  • The mom and dad go into the nursery and the kids lock them in there and the lions surround them getting ready to eat them. The kids block the door saying don't let them turn off the nursery. The parents get eaten by the lions.
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