Updated: 2/15/2021

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  • My, who could it be? Well being them in Mary
  • Someone is here to see you Mistress
  • Why, hello Julia, hello Prince Natilbuck. Julie why are you out of school?
  • Congratulations!!
  • Max, now we will be brothers!!
  • Me and Maximillian have just got engaged!
  • Julia!!! Why are you here? & who is this young man? I am afraid your father is away.
  • Oh Congratulations, come let me bring you to your mother
  • Anne, let me introduce you to my future husband, Prince Maximillian Natilbuck Of Felson.
  • why, Julia who is this?
  • My, congratulations, I am glad to have you join the family.
  • Mrs. is here with someone
  • Ma'ma meet Prince Maximillian Natilbuck of Felson who is my future husband.
  • Thank you, we need to go back to Felson to tell Max's parents so we will be back sometime
  • Julia, as I am sure you know the Puppet King Lineman has passed away leaving the subkingdom of Tabil without a leader. My father has offered to give me the kingdom as a gift. when I get married What do you say to being a queen ?
  • Oh Max, it's a dream come true
  • Great come let us go tell my parents.
  • This is Countess Julia Von Willasin , My future wife. Julia these are my parents, King Andrei & Queen Selina.
  • Why, Congratulations son. Glad to see you found a nice queen for Tabil
  • Maximillian, Who is this lovely women?