Comparing Civilisations
Updated: 5/12/2020
Comparing Civilisations
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  • Ancient Egypt
  • We are going to be comparing our civilisations.
  • Ancient India
  • Social structure1. Nobles and kings2. Soldiers3. Scribes, soldiers, merchants, and artisans 4.Peasants/slaves
  • One thing we have in common is that we both developed on rivers.
  • The last thing we have in common is our similar type of trading.
  • Another thing we have in common is our social structures.
  • Egypt has one political and religious supreme leader, who is called the pharaoh.
  • We also believe in many different gods, who are all in charge of different things.
  • My fellow Egyptians and I live in mudbrick homes. To honor our pharaohs, we build huge tombs called pyramids for them. The pyramids are some of the things we are most know for.
  • We believed in Hinduism at first, but now we believe in Buddhism.
  • We looked up to Buddha as a leader, and one city controlled the others.
  • We had units of measurement and weight and we used copper, bronze, and lead. We also spread Buddhism. These are some of our achievements.
  • Thank you for reading my presentation.
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