Updated: 1/28/2021

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  • What I like about this course is that we got to learn how to use the materials about Arduino, like for example, we got to learn how to connect the wires from Arduino to the specific spot on the breadboard, then after we got to do so many cool and exciting assignments to prove yourself that we do get the unit. But my favorite assignment that we did for the unit has to be the Christmas assignments where you got to make a Christmas theme about what you learn in the unit
  • What I disliked about the course was that we have two months for this course and I wish we had more time for this class cause I really love this class and got the time to really go through the units in depth. Another thing that I dislike about the course was that, unfortunately, we had to stay home cause of the virus that has been going around the world so we had to cancel all of the hands-on assignment or work, instead we had to use an app called Tinkercad to do the assignments
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  • I found the online Linux course okay because we only had the Christmas break to look at it and try to understand it so when we got back from the Christmas break we had to do a test and then we started a new unit. I wished we had more time to go through the unit because it was very interesting and I would love to learn it in the dept.
  • The one thing that I wish that we covered during this course would have to be the Linux unit. Why I wish we covered this during the course is because we only had the Christmas break to look at it and try to understand it, so when we got back from the Christmas holiday we had to complete a test, and then we started a new unit.
  • What I learned from being a “Ceccato kid” is that never give up on the assignment or even on the test because you can do it by looking at the notes, the other thing I learned is always giving it your 100% work in the assignments, never do average work cause you are lazy and you just ask your friends to give you the answer so you don’t have to do the homework.
  • My plan after graduation this year is that I’m going to Seneca or Humber college to get a degree on the computer so I can go to the workforce and learn and help people with problems with their computers.
  • We are so excited to learn
  • Today class we are going to learn about computers