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Storyboard by Skyla Ramirez
Updated: 10/24/2020
Storyboard by Skyla Ramirez
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  • Zackarias Janssen
  • I just created a machine that can see see objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye.I will call it a microscope #seeLittleThings
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek
  • I was using the microscope when one day I discovered microoganisam. They looked and reminded me of tiny animals.#animalcules
  • Robert hooke
  • I was the first to see a cell form from an organism. #First #CellFormFromOrganism
  • Matthias Schleden
  • I defined the cell as the basic unit of plant structure.#PlantSructure
  • Theodor Schwann
  • I invented the cell theory and defined the cell as the basic unit of animal structure.#CellTheory #Inventor
  • Rudolf Virchow
  • I was one of the first to accept the work of Robert Remak, who showed that the origin of cells was the division of pre-existing cells.#Pre-existingCells #Acceptence
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