Sodium Fluorine
Updated: 4/16/2020
Sodium Fluorine

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  • Hey girl, you look like a nonmetal. Waddup, I'm sodium, a metal. I got one valence electron to share with you.
  • Hi, sodium! I'm flourine, and yes I am a nonmetal, and wow, to make a stable bond I need just one more valence electron!
  • Well, I'm a soft metal, and I have a low melting point. You?
  • Well, sodium, tell me about yourself!
  • Wow! How 'bout we get out of here, Fluorine?
  • I like an element with sass...
  • Well, not to brag, but I'm the most reactive and electronegative of all the elements. I also react violently with water. 
  • Is this the one?
  • HOLY MENDELEEV! What's happening?
  • And they lived out the rest of their happy days together as sodium fluoride. They corroded aluminum together, they treated infections together, they did everything.
  • We're sodium fluoride now!!
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