Compound sentenses

Updated: 8/31/2021
Compound sentenses

Storyboard Description

Kimari gets married to a werewolf with a monical but little does she know he has no idea what a compound sentence is. His vows are terrible because of that. Thats where I come in

Storyboard Text

  • I forgot to go to collage.*tries to eat glasses*
  • y'all wrote each others vows so better get to saying them. I gotta get my feet waxed after this so hurry up
  • *sniff sniff* Yes, I will read them... * Looks at paper in shock* These sentences are terribly written, What where you thinking Mr Wolf Husband Guy?
  • Here I will help you I guess.. You really should try a compound sentence. Thats 2 complete sentences joined together with a semicolon or a comma and a "Fanboy"
  • SO you mean My very dumb husband should have been like "Beautiful wifey, You are good".
  • No.. More like, My dear beautiful wife, You are greats, so I married you..
  • Thank you Madison, I am going to cancle the wedding with my dumb husband now..
  • A FANBOY is for,but,so,and,or,nor and yet.
  • Husband