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Mesopotamia by Everardo
Updated: 10/16/2019
Mesopotamia by Everardo
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  • Women´s role:
  • Kings role:
  • Social pyramid:
  • The role women's had where that they could not read, no education nor could they write but they could cook, spin fiber/yarn,make fabric for cloth and they could leave there husband if they were abused or harmed.
  • Religion:
  • The kings role is to keep his people physical safety, to organize spiritual life, labor, and to collect taxes but that some of what he does.
  • Farming/Other Jobs:
  • The social pyramid is the level of where a person is ranked at like if someone is rank at the top it will mostly be the king.The person ranked at the middle they will probably be artisan,merchants, and priest.finally if you are rank at the bottom your probably a slave or a farmer.
  • Trading and Barter:
  • In Mesopotamia there people believed in different polytheism, goddess or god.There gods where believed to have been responsible for for natures life and specific aspects.
  • Farming is something very important to Mesopotamia. It was there source of food. One day they started to get surplus of food and it feed the whole city. The city started to grow and they start to get jobs like trading.
  • When they traded they walked or used a boat. They also used animals and a river. They sometimes had to cross deserts and large areas to trade items.
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