Social Studies Storyboard
Updated: 1/24/2020
Social Studies Storyboard
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  • Queen Elizabeth 1 commission's Sir Francis Drake to steal Gold and other goods from the ships of the spanish.
  • Sir Francis Drake is now on his ship with his crew.He is making sure that they have everything."Hey their" he said to a man."Do we have the astrolabe so we can know our latitude,and the lead weights to know the water depth.And finally the Compass so we know which direction were going."The boy said "Yes Sir"
  • They set sail and were off to steal some gold from the Spanish.
  • Sir Francis Drake and his crew now have their first round of gold stealing.This Spanish ship had raw gold that they were taking back to Spain.Drake and his crew were now rich.$$$$$$$$$$$
  • On the way back the crew of Drake experienced many dangers.First one of the crew members got sick because of the moldy food.Then the boy that had helped him with his checklist got scurvy and died.And then a lot of people got sick because of dirty water with bacteria.
  • Sir Francis Drake finally returned to England with a big stash of Spanish Gold for the Queen Elizabeth.She was very happy with what he had retrieved for her.
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