Updated: 4/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Christopher Columbus and the Spanish arrive in Latin America
  •  Their motives were God, glory, and gold
  • They were introduced to chocolate and brought it back to Europe
  • They gave us diseases!
  • My name is Hernando Cortés and I am leading the expedition for Mexico
  • Cortes met the Aztecs and was given gifts because of their prophecy
  • However, Cortes took their leader, Montezuma II, hostage because of his fear of attack
  • My name is Francisco Pizarro and I am going to Peru
  • Pizarro met the Incas and their leader, Atahualpa
  • They both had armies prepared just in case
  • The Incas refused Christianity and Atahualpa was taken hostage, and later killed