Updated: 9/5/2018
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  • The Passing of Queen Elizabeth I
  • SHE'S IN DEBT!!!
  • Elizabeth Tudor 
  • Oh no. Now I'm the one in great debt.
  • The Struggles of James I
  • Your majesty, you are already in great debt to the parliament. 
  • I refuse to make Puritan reforms.
  • Rid the English church of Catholic practices!
  • The Reign of King Charles I
  • The Protestant Queen Elizabeth I dies with great debt to the parliament. The debt is passed down to her successor, James Stuart, King of Scots.
  • King James I often fought against the Parliament over money. Moreover, the Puritans asked the king to enact reforms to rid the English church of the remaining Catholic practices, but James refused and only allowed a new translation of the Bible, therefore, upsetting the Puritans.
  • Charles was at war so he always needed money from the parliament and they'd often refuse to give him the money. In 1628, Charles was in dire need so he agreed to sign the Petition of Right in exchange for money from the parliament. Charles ignored the Petition and in 1629, he dissolved the parliament and imposed fees on the Englishmen. Years after, Charles was in need of money yet again so he called the parliament back into session, which gave them a chance to oppose him.
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