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Updated: 9/24/2019
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  • Thomas and his family were in their car on their way to the House of Dies Drear. Where they would now live.
  • When they arrived at the house the twins started freaking out so Thomas searched the front door and he found a button. So he pushed the button then the stairs moved revealing a tunnel.
  • Thomas then fell into the whole and started to walk through it. Thomas then heard an ahhing sound so he started running then he dropped his flashlight. And he kept running then finally he came through the kitchen.
  • Thomas next wanted to go in the woods and when he was in the woods he heard another ahhing sound. So he went to investigate when he got to a certain point Mr.Pluto started chasing him then Thomas chased to the house and Thomas slammed through the front, breaking the lock in the process.
  • Later on they went to Mr.Pluto's cave house. When they were inside they saw a rope so they pulled it and the wall opened up. When they went in they saw Mr.Pluto and Pesty. Another thing they saw was the treasure of Dies Drear. Then Mr.Pluto and Mayhew told them how Mayhew pretended to be Mr.Pluto. Then they told them how Mr.Pluto was protecting the treasure from the Darrows. Then they made a plan.
  • The plan was that they told Darrow's that Mr.Pluto was going to the hospitak so the Darrows would come. When the Darrow's came every body jumped out and scared them and they ran away screaming and crying. THE END
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