Siddhartha budda
Updated: 2/18/2020
Siddhartha budda

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  • Your son will be a religious leader or a king.
  • I will make him a king!!!!!!!
  • Life is great being prince.
  • He was such a good person!!!!
  • This is terrible! I might rethink my decisions
  • The king is confronted by a fortune teller. He was told that his son is going to be a religious leader or a mighty king. The king is going to make Siddhartha, the prince. A mighty king. They are in the religion of Buddhism
  • I wont stop until I get the truth!
  • He was raised very wealthy and in luxury. When the prince went out with his chariots and guards they made sure that he would not run into any beggars, sick people or old people.
  • I understand it. I understood the suffering and the birth!
  • When Siddhartha was 29 and going on his own in his chariot. He ran into the four passing sights. There was a old man with a stick, A shrunken person by disease, and a dead person on the ground with there family crying beside him.
  • Are you a god? are you a angle? are you a saint?
  • No. I am awake.
  • One day he searched for the truth for suffering, and death since that incident. He meditated for answers. He lived on food that the people from lower classes would eat. The gurus taught him that there was a path to salvation.
  • Then he sat under a tree. That tree would soon to be known as the Bodhi tree. Then something clicked as he understood the cycle of Birth and death then rebirth. He had been given enlightenment. He was now the Buddha.
  • Some people thought that he was a god, angel, or a saint but the Buddha said no. He said that he was awake. The Buddha lived until he was 80 years old. Since then the Buddha is recognized as one of the most important gods in the religion of Buddhism.