Updated: 9/17/2021

Storyboard Text

  • But that isn’t right..
  • You better help us in the test! You know what happens if you don’t!
  • *I have to do something about this...I have to speak up*
  • I’m not telling you
  • What’s Q7?
  • I know you guys are smart enough to do it yourselves..just concentrate on the question instead of turning to talk to me! trust me!
  • *I knew she could do it if she tried! I feel so proud of myself*
  • I can’t believe it! I actually got it!*I shouldn't have forced her to tell us answers...that was wrong*
  • *I can't believe I got it! I really can do it*
  • Being an assertive teenager is a very big deal nowadays, and it is needed to avoid incidents such as these. Teenagers happen to bully a lot of other teenagers the same age but with different popularity ranks, the highest example being repeatedly forcing them to help out during quizzes and tests. By being assertive those girls could speak up like the girl in this comic did and show people what some magic words can do to people. It isn't that the bully in this comic isn't smart, its just that she is so engrossed in bullying and copying answers down she doesn't realise she can do them herself and that she is smart enough to fill the answers in without help. Always think before you act and test how far your skills can reach before forcing other people to cheat and share their skills.
  • *Whispers*Whats Q7?