The Fair
Updated: 2/14/2020
The Fair
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A doll comes alive when lightning strikes.

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  • .Big Chungis was in Mcdonalds and really needed to go to the bathroom. The waitress gave him directions that was complicated so he got there 5 hours later.
  • You already went. But it is down the hall to the right then to the left then straight then there is 6 doors choose the middle then go right...
  • Hey sunny, where is the restroom?
  • I live with my nona and she said to find someone and bring him or her to her.
  • Once he got into the Bathroom Little Peggy was sitting on the toilet. She had been on the toilet for 1 year now.
  • Not yet, the burritos, french fries, chicken nuggets, corndogs, hot dogs, and a cheeseburger made me go.What made you have to go?
  • Are you done?
  • Well, I did have some roasted camel, and cod sperm from Japan...
  • Son, Mcdonalds seems to have a problem with how many stalls there are.
  • Since Peggy was taking forever, Big Chungis went outside and went there. Later he found out he was being watched.
  • What is that suppose to mean? My name is Tina, and I have a pet cat named princess sparkle unicorn!
  • I don't care what you want. Now, big Chungis Please take a seat and eat.
  • Your'e weird. Why did you go to the bathroom on the side of the road?
  • Tina wanted to take Big Chungis home, and Big Chungis agreed to go for a little.
  • Well, Tina your parents are probaly very worried, go home now.
  • Ok. Go find someone. Good luck!!!!
  • I think I found a perfect person. You. Hehe
  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • Uhhhh, Yeah. How did you know my name?
  • Purrr-fect. Hehe! So, I'm nona and you are Big chungis?
  • Once they got there Nona intruduced herself and invited him to dinner.
  • She creeps around here and then. Don't ask again.
  • Honey, don't talk like that to are wonderful guest. anyways, would you like dinner? Were having fungus!!!
  • Hi Nona! I brought the guy you wanted. He was on the side of the road taking a dump. 
  • Apparently they were having brains for dinner instead and Tina got upset. Big Chungis got scared and didn't want to eat. The darkness is here because Big Chungis was never seen again.
  • I'm okay...
  • I"m just gonna go...
  • Nona, I wanted fungus for dinner not brains!!!UGH
  • EAT!
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