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Updated: 1/8/2020
spé anglaiss
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  • An Eart-like planet:
  • A livable place:
  • The night of hell:
  • After several years of research on the Ark, Monty has finally found a place that can accomodate more than two hundred people. But before, Monty equis Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia with a bracelet. These bracelets will allow to control their physical condition and also as to see how many there are survivors or deaths. For the first time in ten years, humans will return to a planet. The leaders of the Ark are technologically blind to what's going on the planet below them. Bellamy,Octavia and Clarke take a spacecraft tot his planet...
  • An invisible enemy:
  • -Moon- 2 Sun-planet-dangerous
  • Arrived with the spaceship on this planet, the survivors were however able to discover a livable and very welcoming place, wich seems to have been deserted by all its population. The four youg people no longer have any contact with the leaders of the Ark but the bracelet still work. However, the planet they have never known is a mysterious kingdom that can be a magical moment just like terribly dangerous and deadly. With the survival of the entire human race in their hands. They must find a way to transcend their differences, to unite and forge a new path on a wildly changed and primitive land, intense and teeming with unknown creatures. And if everything went pretty well from the start, things will end up going wrong...
  • A strange planet:
  • The survivors however continued to discover the sector of their new "Earth", when the sunset has fallen, they were bombed by strange flying insects. Fortunately, they managed to protect themselves from these insects. Bellamy then tried to take full advantage of his freedom and things went wrong again when suddently Octavia pounced on him and tried to stab him several times. So they locked her in one of the houses to prevent her from commiting the irreparable. And decide to spend the night there.
  • Plunged into darkness:
  • The next morning, Clarke and Bellamy then discovered what was going on thanks to a book lost in one of the houses, the book dissolved: "There are two suns on this planet and when the sun turns red, the air becomes dangerous and some exposed people can be in danger". Octavia must therefore have been contamined! Clarke and Bellamy deepened their search to find out why the forest is mysteriously empty of animals and inhabitants before bringing the other survivors. Hoping to find answers to their questions...
  • book
  • Around afternoon Clarke tell Bellamy that she is going back to the space ship to try to contact Raven and Monty to warn them of what had happened since their arrival but Clarke hides the truth, she destroys all the technology in the vessel. Clarke come back to Bellamy and notices that her friends are no longer there she looks everywhere and it quickly realizes that there is something not normal. She finds puce and strange drugs...
  • Clarke hastens to show Bellamy what she has just found. She sees Bellamy and Octavia tied to a pole. In shock, she will detach them but unfortunately, she falls on the people who live here. Clarke hides what she has just found to avoid panic and for them to free her friend. The clan the Skaikru detach Bellamy and Octavia. Survivors socialize with this tribe to understand what's going on. Clarke takes the opportunity to talk to Bellamy and Octavia about what she can find. Puces are used to imbue a puce in children's brains in order to forgot who they are. According to Octavia, natural medicines serve deviated that the wole population is hallucinating and also removes all traces of memories for children who hae received a chip at the bottom of their necks. If children do not take this chachet they die in excruciating pain. The survivors discover a nex threa, Clarke therefore decides to sacrifice himself...
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