my story
Updated: 12/18/2020
my story

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  • Long distance
  • I miss you more and more everyday and i wont stop
  • she is forgeting she has a boyfriend
  • me too but i have so much friends here and Im happy here
  • she gets in love
  • hey your really cute
  • thanks you you too are you single
  • He is in love and think she will like him forever but she wont
  • The day she cheats
  • I stop liking you now i like him sorry
  • she is very happy and doesn ´t know jesus is very sad alone and wants to be with her
  • they break up
  • Hi jesus I missed you no he left me but can we work stuff out
  • she is talking to other guy and she likes him his name is Jose and she wants to go out with him even tho she is taken but she doesn´t care
  • they meet again
  • I though you were dating jose of i have a girlfriend that loves me sorry bye
  • Jesus saw her and he was so sad because he though he was in love but he was wrong
  • wow i came all the way from home to see you cheating on me
  • Jesus was very sad but he moved on and was great and he didnt need fer but one day they meet again radom
  • I loved her so much and she left me what did i do wrong im not good enough
  • Fer wants Jesus back now because he treated her right and jose left her so now she is alone
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