The greatest show

Updated: 9/10/2021
The greatest show

Storyboard Text

  • ExpositionA Million Dreams
  • A million dreams are keeping me awake!
  • Inciting incidentCome Alive
  • we are accepting your loan.
  • Yessssss!
  • Rising actionRewrite the stars
  • What if we rewrite the stars
  • The movie starts off with two main charter Barnum and Charity.As the song progress you can see Barnum and charity growing up with each other even tho charity's family did not want her to.
  • Climax Tight Rope
  • The inciting incident is that Barnum has lost his job and comes up with an idea to make a loan and start a weird museum.But hes not making much money so his daughters give him an idea and he starts a circus.
  • Falling ActionFrom now on
  • I need to support my family and friends I cant give up now.
  • The rising action is that Anne and Phillip are in love but because Phillip is famous and Anne is considered a weirdo and Phillip lets go of her hand when people look at them.So in the song he is trying to apologize to her.
  • ResolutionThe Greatest Show
  • The climax is that Charity thinks Barnum is in love with another woman so she takes her kids and moves back to Parents house
  • The falling action is that Barnum notices that he let what he was chasing prevent him from noticing that he was hurting his family.So the song is him and his friends trying to fix the circus and perform their last song.He also
  • At the end of the Movie he gives his hat to Phillip and he became the leader of the show as he felt that he need to support his family more than caring about the show.