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Updated: 3/13/2020
New Deal & comics

Storyboard Text

  • What a beautiful day to farm!
  • I'm so proud of my crops!
  • Where is all that wind coming from?
  • There was a farmer whose name is Billy Bob who loves to farm. He spent most of his day outside farming.
  • I should warn Billy Bob!
  • For the past months Billy Bob has been working hard on his crops and he is very proud because he is one of the few farmers who became successful.
  • There's a dust bowl coming our way!
  • No way! What shoudl we do?!
  • One day he was out planting potatoes and suddndly he felt a strong gust of wind. He thought that maybe it was just a thunderstorm but then he felt sand in the wind.
  • Thank you for saving me!
  • Remember to take care of the environment.
  • Suddenly BT21 spotted a dust bowl approaching and BT21 knew he needed to warn Billy Bob. He had never seen a dust bowl as big as the one that was coming.
  • Then out of no where BT21 came and told Billy Bob to take cover because there was a dust bowl coming his way.
  • BT21 then took Billy Bob into the barn and took cover and then the dust bowl left. BT21 warned him about over farming and the consequences it can have on the rest of the world. BT21 then left Billy Bob with a valuable lesson.