Updated: 3/24/2021

Storyboard Text

  • why is there not that much people here at my business i think my business is getting shutdown
  • there business is getting shutdown to i guess covid 19 is really efecting business
  • is there any way i can open my business back
  • yes this is my business and your shuting it down OMG
  • im sorry ms but we are taking this business down. Is this your business?
  • yes there is if people start wearing there mask the businesses will open back up and if they start social distanceing
  • hi im alex hi im jake hi im volthi im free and we are the covid busters
  • good idea i should buy a mask so i can be safe from covid 19 thank you.
  • sir can you please buy a mask so you can be safe here ill give you one.
  • sir may you put on a mask so you can protect your self from covid 19.
  • yes i will put on a mask thank you