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Updated: 1/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Rita
  • Alexandra
  • " I will miss my school, my room, and my friends"
  • “Me too, sis. I will miss everything like my church, my friends, my cousins, and my toys”
  • " I wish we can start a new life in Turkey".
  • "Everything will be good while we are all together as a happy family Everything will go well!
  • oh, here they are, I can see them Rita.
  • Alexandra, can you see our cousins?
  • "oh, no. Today was really tiring day!"
  • once upon a time, there were two sisters living in Iraq with their family. They used to go to school and they had a simple life. But one day, sadly, everything changed because the country was unsafe. Alexandra and Rita's family decided to leave the country and go to Turkey.
  • "Yeah, it was a very tiring day but we had fun even if were sad"
  • In July 2014, Rita and Alexandra's family ere on their way to Turkey. On the bus, Rita and Alexandra were taking about how much they were going to miss their country and their home. Rita and Alexandra were talking about ho they're gonna live in Turkey.
  • Good morning sis!
  • The breakfast it's ready Let's go eat sis!!!
  • Good morning sis!
  • When the two sisters arrived in Turkey, their cousins went to take them form the bus station. They arrived at their cousin's house and at dinner time they started talking about their adventure and what they did.
  • bedtime
  • After finishing their breakfast, they decided to go out ad visit some places and prepare their files to set up a place that they live in and find an apartment.
  • after looking for apartments, they decided to take the apartment close to their cousins. They bought stuff and after week, everything was set up.