Science Comic
Updated: 3/9/2021
Science Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Grandpa, how is soil formed?
  • Soil is formed when rocks are eroded or weathered.
  • So what is erosion and weathering?
  • Erosion is when things are eroded to another place, and weathering is when things are worn until it becomes nothing.
  • So how are they similar?
  • Erosion and weathering both wear away rocks and water both weather and erode.
  • What about their differences?
  • Well when small rock pieces are moved by natural forces, it’s called erosion. But when the rock stays but cracks or gets broken, it’s called weathering.
  • Well then, which do you think does more damage to nature?
  • Well, they both are both destructive, there’s no saying which is more destructive. While both have done damage like causing places to be unlivable, they’ve also made beautiful landmarks. Landmarks like the Grand Canyon, which was eroded and weathered by the Colorado River.
  • So what is erosion and weathering to simplify? Is it a destructive thing from nature, or something that carves and makes the beautiful nature?
  • So to simplify, erosion and weathering are destructive things that can ruin things by wearing down rocks slowly and slowly, but they can also end up making beautiful landmarks and rocks.