Updated: 12/16/2020

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  • HALT!!!!!!!!!
  • well to bad come out into the living room
  • please don't awake my dauters there slepping.
  • Its 1943 in Copenhagen. Annemarie and Ellen are living a joyful life. But sometimes life isn't so joyful because they are in WWII and there are Nazi soldiers all over Copenhagen. And that is a problem because Ellen is Jewish.
  • what are you doing in the forest bye your self?
  • The shops in Copenhagen start to close down but only the ones that are owned bye Jewish people. The solders start to find Jewish people and put them in concentration camps but luckily Ellen is safe with Annmarie and Ellens parents were missing. When Ellen was in Annmarie's house the soldiers came in and checked there house.
  • After the soldies checked there house Annmarie's mom decided to take Ellen and Kristi to her Uncle Henrik house. and Annemarie made sure to keep Ellen's necklace safe. They had to take the train to go but there was still soldiers every where.
  • There was a big Samoans at henreks house and they were fake having a funeral so they cold sneek out of Denmark. Henrik gave Ellen's dad a very special thing that would help them get out of Denmark. If they didn't have it they would get caught. But Ellen's dad trips and doesn't know he drops it so Annemarie has to bring it to the boat. On her way, she gets stopped by soldiers.
  • im droping off my ucles lunch
  • After Annemarie drops off the handkerchief Ellen and the rest of the Jews were under the boat and started off to Sweden and got free from the Nazi soldiers
  • 2 years had passed and Ellen and her family had not come back yet but the war was over and they were celebrating. Annmarie was finaly the truth about her sister that she was resisting the Natzi in the war and she got hit by a car and died
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