Short Story - Eyes
Updated: 3/18/2020
Short Story - Eyes

Storyboard Text

  • Kayla, the new born baby, is born! But, when she comes out, she looks a little odd. Right away, the doctor finds out why this is and that is the Kayla is albino. She was born with no melanin so her hair, skin, and eyes have a very funky, creepy color.
  • As Kayla gets older and starts going to Pre-K, she realizes all of the other kids give her weird looks and are kinda of scared of her. They all hang out with each other, but no one wants to hang out with Kayla because of her unique gene. This makes her feel very upset and discluded and she thinks shes not good enough and will never fit in.
  • Kayla is now in elementary school and boy life really has been rough for her. She only has a few friends because most people are scared of her, when really she is just amazing on the inside as much as she is on the outside. The doctors have injected melanin in her to fix her skin color a bit and her hair was died so it looks normal, but her eyes are still a white-pink color.
  • Kayla is now in middle school and she realizes that people can be very mean and say very rude, hurtful things. Kayla has lost and gained many friends over the years but Kaylas hardest problem is that she gets bullied for her beautiful, unique eyes. It destroys Kaylas self-esteem and Kayla hates her amazing eyes because of the bullies. 
  • That's when Kayla meets Jill. Jill is a news reporter and thinks Kaylas eyes are just fascinating. She decides to do a report on Kayla and her amazing eyes. Kayla was kind of shy about it at first, but then she realized it will be fun after some convincing by her parents. The news story blew up and wherever Kayla went people wanted to speak with her or get her autograph. Kayla was famous because of her amazing eyes!
  • When Kayla went back to school, everyone wanted to sit next to her. Everyone wanted to talk to her. It was like everyone's personality changed, even the bullies. Kayla stook with her friends that have been with her through it all and she left behind all of the fake people that used to say horrible things to her and give her horrible looks. Kayla now knows her self-worth and how beauty isn't just on the outside, but it's what on the inside that matters.