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Updated: 3/18/2021
environment school

Storyboard Text

  • Ehan has been playing on his computer for nearly 8 hours! It's currently 7pm and he needs to head to bed in 2 hours.
  • 8 Hours later and Ehan is still on his computer! He needs to go to sleep now! He is incredibly fatigued and is currently experiencing a mood swing of Anger!
  • Man, Valorant is so fun! But why do I keep dying?!? I AM SO ANGRY!!!
  • It is currently 4am! Ehan cannot sleep at all! The blue light from the screens is currently stunning his sleep pattern! The blue light confuses his body and still tells him that its daytime and not time to sleep!
  • Why can't I sleep? I'm not even tired right now! This is so frustrating!
  • The Next Day.... Ehan decided to take a walk! But his actions on the computer last night and the blue light coming from the screen stunned his sleeping pattern so he could not even get a full 3 hours of sleep! This leaves him incredibly drowsy!
  • Why am I so sleepy? I can't even walk straight....
  • As Ehan comes back from his walk, his brother who has been monitoring his past actions, is waiting for him in front of the doorstep to educate him and help notify him about the harm of computers and his sleep.
  • You haven't gotten enough sleep lately ever since you've gotten your computer! [Explains further]
  • Ever since that talk, Ehan now limits his computer usage down and makes sure to not look at any screens 1 hour before bedtime. He now gets a proper 8 hours of sleep, and is more productive and in a happier mood.
  • Zzzzzzz