Biodiversity Superhero
Updated: 5/23/2020
Biodiversity Superhero

Storyboard Text

  • Meet Aqua, the Biodiversity Dolphin
  • Hi! I'm Aqua!
  • Pollution in my Habbitat
  • Negative Human Affects
  • Hi! My name is Aqua, one of many biodiversity superheros. My bioremediation powers allow me to help poluted bodies of water. I am able to drink the polluted water and objects by digesting it without getting sick.
  • Bioremediation Saves the Day!!
  • Here is an example of some poluted water. Some causes of poluted water are oil spills from boats and humans leaving trash behind.
  • In this picture, there are plastic bags and O rings that are harmful to many sea creatures but I am able to help with that.
  • By getting rid of polution in the ocean, I am able to help many animals be safe and healthy. Humans need to be careful when it comes to pollution whether it's trash or oil.