Updated: 9/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, my name is Isaac Newton. I was born in a village called Woolsthorpe on the 25th of Decemeber. I grew up to be a physicst and mathematiction. When my university closed due to the plauge I spent my time researching different types of things and I made experemental disconveries.
  • In 1687 I discovered the Universal law of gravitation
  • In school kids learn many things like the Scientific Method. Newtons laws still apply to students today even though they still learning about it they can use themmethod of Inductive Reasoning!
  • As you can see by the evidence of the two people throwing the ball, the ball goes down every time, so through rationalism I thought about how there is gravity around the wo.rld
  • Now that I gave you an idea of what my discovey was it's time for the defintion on how the whole system works. When two masses have graventational force the masses and distance turn into a math problem.
  • The mathatmaticazl way is F = Gm1m2/d^2
  • THE END!