Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • CoVid 19
  • What is
  • Theory CoVid 19
  • - Come from Wuhan, China- By the exotic animals- Example of exotic animals
  • Categories who risk to get infected
  • Nuri explain about CoVid 19 (video+voice+music background). [Medium shot]
  • Symptoms of CoVid 19
  • Syahadah explain the theory (video+voice+music background). [Medium shot]
  • How to prevent CoVid 19
  • Syahadah explain this categories (voice+music background)Add some photo related with the child, adult, teens, senior citizens and more. [Medium shot]
  • Conclusion
  • -How to reduce the spread of CoVid 19-What are the people responsibility-Get more information from WHO websites
  • Nuri and Syahadah do the example of the symptom.For example, cough,fever, headache and more(video+voice+text). [Long shot]
  • Nuri and Syahadah show demonstration how to prevent CoVid 19. For example, just stay at home and wash your hand (video+voice+text) .[Long shot]
  • Explain the conclusion with the opinion and current issues.(video+voice+text). [Medium/Long shot]