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Updated: 5/18/2020
Americas Project
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  • Disaster Strikes!
  • What to do?
  • We must plan a ceremony so this drought can end!
  • If we do a sacrifice, the gods might let us finally get rain!
  • Rituals
  • The Mayans were very devoted towards their religion. They believed that their gods controlled every aspect of their life. This meant that if god was angry, it would spread devastation to the Mayans. In this example, there has been a terrible drought, meaning that god is angry.
  • Bloodletting
  • The Mayans would now have to do a special ceremony that involves sacrifices and bloodletting. It was very important for Mayans to perform sacrifices, as they believed god would be happy afterwards and stop their troubles.
  • Sacrifice
  • I'm going to be sacrificed.
  • TThe Mayans planned a ceremony according to a calendar. It was a part of Mayan culture and religion to have multiple religious ceremonies throughout the year. A major aspect of the ceremonies were sacrifices and bloodletting. These events took place in the Mayan's religious ziggurats that served as temples.
  • A Good Ending
  • The Maya believed in bloodletting to please their gods. They would cut themselves to bleed in certain religious ceremonies. The Mayans also considered the essence of human life to be blood. They believed that this was a gift from god. Bloodletting was a way they repaid the gift. The king bound himself towards god by bloodletting his blood.
  • Mayans integrated sacrifices and ceremonies as a part of their culture and religion. Priests would conduct sacrifices of many things, such as people, as an attempt to save their civilization from any misfortune. When an animal or person needed to be sacrificed, the victim would be painted blue. The humans sacrificed were usually slaves and prisoners, but that didn’t mean that other people couldn’t be chosen. Priests chose who or what should be sacrificed, giving them lots of power.
  • The Mayans believed that once god was happy, their suffering would end. In this example, since they did a religious ceremony because of a drought, the sacrifices brought the Mayans rain. In conclusion, the religious sacrifices performed by priests impacted Mayan culture by allowing the Mayans to incorporate rituals and sacrifices as part of their normal lives to keep their gods happy.
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