Egypt vs. Mesopotamia Test
Updated: 1/27/2020
Egypt vs. Mesopotamia Test
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  • Egypt- GeographyThe Egyptians used the fertile land around the Nile River to help them grow crops, a clean water source to drink from, and for the transportation of goods.
  • Egypt- Science & Technology - Egypt - Belief SystemsThe Egyptians built pyramids for burial and the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that by building the pyramids, the people in the afterlife would be able to be sent up into the stars from the tip of the pyramid.
  • Egypt- PoliticsThe Egyptian army invaded and conquered neighboring land, and turned Egypt into an empire.
  • Mesopotamia - GeographyThe Mesopotamians used the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers for fertile land in order to grow their crops, to help themselves to a fresh and clean water source, and to help the people develop irrigation.
  • Irrigation
  • Mesopotamia - Science & Technology - Mesopotamia - Belief SystemsThe Mesopotamians built ziggurats as religious temples where priests can hold religious ceremonies to honor their gods. The Mesopotamians believed that these temples connected Heaven to Earth.
  • Rules.......
  • Mesopotamia - PoliticsIn Mesopotamia, each king and city created their own rules and systems of which they thought would be most beneficial for their people.
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