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SSR Project
Updated: 3/28/2019
SSR Project
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  • A boy named Yassen grows up in a small town called Estrov in Russia. His parents both work in a secret chemical factory and they dont discuss there work much. Yassen grows up normally until one day. His parents come home from work early and in despair. They tell him that there has been a chemical leak and the city is contaminated. But they have the only cure which they give to Yassen. The government wants to keep what happened a secret so they bomb and kill everybody. But Yassen escapes and is the soul survivor.
  • Yassen escapes the bombing and makes his way to Moscow with the little money he was given. Once he gets their he is taken in by a boy named Dima who teaches him how to rob and swindle people. The make it by for a few years barely having enough to eat. One day theuy try to rob a house and since Yassen is the smallest he is the one that has to climn through the window to rob the house. He gets in but is greeted by a huge man that knocks him out and throws him in the back of his car trunk.
  • After being knocked out and driven to the mans other mansion. He is given the choice to either work for the rest of his life or be shot on the spot. He chooses to work and for the next five years he is treated as a slave and never leaves the mansion that is heavely guarded. One night he gets a chance to escape with the help of a contract killer that was sent to kill Yassens owner. The killer and Yassen escape and Yassen is taken to the contract killers head corporation called SCORPIA.
  • Yassen gets to SCORPIA where he is given the chance to become a contract killer. He will be payed very well and will get to travel the world but, he will have to train and kill for a living. Yassen take the offer and gets on a boat and travelsto and island called Malogosto where all the contract killers are trained.
  • Yassen trains brutally for 6 months straight and learns many different foreign languages, how to fight, how to kill, and other basic skills. He is turned into a physical beast and is very strong now.After being taught he is given his first assignement in the United States. He has to kill a corupt senator. He heads out and when he gets there he sets up a plan to excecute the hit. He is about to pull the trigger but, the senator turns around and looks him in the eye and from there Yassen is unable to kill him.
  • He failed his first mission but it is rare for SCORPIA to give second chances. But, they see something special in Yassen so he is given another chance. Another contract killer is going to go alongside Alex for his first kill. They get to know each other but soon realize that they are not very compatable. This becomes a problem but SCORPIA wants them to figure it out on their own. Which I am sure they do... TO BE CONTINUED.
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