Fairytale and Folktale Assignment: Modern Cinderella(Page 2)
Updated: 6/12/2020
Fairytale and Folktale Assignment: Modern Cinderella(Page 2)
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  • Cinderella arrived at the ballroom. No one noticed who she was, not even her step-family. The second she arrived all the eyes were on her. For the rest of the night she danced with the prince and took many photos to remember the joyful night.
  • Cinderella glanced over to where her step-family was and saw that they were about to leave . She glanced at the phone and saw the time. She looked around and ran to the gate. The prince ran after but it was too late. All they found was a piece of paper with a note on it. The note said "Sorry". The prince called the detectives and demanded they find the girl, no matter what the cost.
  • Cinderella got home as fast as she could. Her step-family probably stayed after the prince no longer was dancing with Cinderella. She did her chores and went to bed. However when she couldn't sleep, she glanced at the photos with the prince. Soon the door opened. Cinderella quickly put the phone on the counter and went to bed.
  • When Cinderella woke up she gathered her tools, and went downstairs. When she got down she saw her step-family not so happy. It turns out when she heard the door open last night she forgot to put her phone in it's hiding spot. So when the step family came up, they saw the stolen phone and all the pictures, realizing she was the one the prince was with.
  • Cinderella's step-mother was so angry she locked Cinderella up in a room. Cinderella took out an old fashion phone. It didn't need WiFi so it was fine. She was about to dial the police but then she got a weird feeling inside. She never thought about calling anyone because she didn't want to get involved with crime issues. She decided not to call the cops but the prince.
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