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Child Labor
Updated: 3/6/2020
Child Labor
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Storyboard Description

Life of a girl living and working in the factory to provide the family

Storyboard Text

  • Aww, come on. I'm still tired!
  • OK, wake up everyone!! Time to work
  • Wake up ANNIE!!
  • Man, i'm so tired....
  • This diary is about a girl that used to work on a factory, during the industrialization. She would work in factories with other kids, called child labor. Her name was Annie and her parents were farmers. But after the new factories came, they left and went to work in the factories. But sadly the wages were so low that it couldn't support the whole family.
  • Her, two sisters and her mom and dad worked to get food on the table and to get clothes and shoes if they could. During the Industrialization Revolution, many companies, industries, and manufacturing. Many families did struggle to get money, so everyone in the family had to work. Sadly, Annie had her last day in the job. You see, many kids that worked in the factories but got injured or even die.
  • Sir, i think my arm is stuck!!
  • What do you think you are doing Annie!! Get back to work!!
  • Sadly, during the industrialization, kids lost limbs or even lives cause they didn't know about the machinery and had to do dangerous things to get their work done. Unfortunately, Annie was a victim. She was 8 years old, but worked to get money for the family. Even though that happened, child labor continued, the globalization, international trade and the economy boosted.
  • There was success, growth and benefit during the Industrialization. More trades were made, more products were made. Even more jobs, though they were still risky. It was after a long time that safety was to be place for people and no more child labor. Industrialization change our world economy and our everyday lives. Because of it we have many products and success.
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