Updated: 2/20/2021

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  • COBS Casual Friday Donuts
  • "COBS???"ah is there such a thing as casual Friday donuts?
  • Santa Ana (California)
  • Hey Lynn i didn't think you were going to show up, this is my family's bakery shop!
  • hey! sorry my family is not in town at the moment.
  • Dine
  • Cathy, Olivia, Bailey and obviously me Sasha.
  • by the way what does COBS stand for?
  • Lynn is very hungry after she had another argument like every other day.
  • Dine
  • Lynn came to the bakery shop knowing her family wasn't going to show up to begin with.
  • Downtown
  • They're parents didn't know which name to stick with...
  • Home
  • although Lynn is feeling heavyhearted it just has to do with the COBS sisters getting along so well.
  • I just don´t understand..
  • Lynn is heading home.
  • Lynn just got home and she can sense the low vibes already.