Unit Four Review
Updated: 3/29/2021
Unit Four Review

Storyboard Text

  • Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
  • "If I could free my hands..."
  • Battle with Mr. Covey
  • "I know Mr. Covey! He is a good man - you will not leave him!
  • "If I stay with him - I should live but to die with him!"
  • Story of an Hour
  • "AHHHHHH!!"
  • Having been caught with the intention of burning the bridge and is now about to be hung by enemy soldiers, Peyton Farquhar has his last thought of family and the hope to escape before his own demented fantasy feels his head.
  • Lincoln's Inaugural Address
  • "Physically speaking, we can not separate."
  • Frederick Douglas, in his younger days, had been abused by a master that his original owner lent him towards, therefore he ran back to his original owner to beg for a new master or to return home. His owner refused, which all began a large turning point for his life as a slave and soon a free man.
  • Slave Spirituals - Code Songs
  • Having believed that her husband died, Mrs. Mallard is shocked and quite saddened to see her husband is alive, crushing any chance she had of freedom and living for herself to enjoy life.
  • Huck Finn
  • On March 4, 1861 Lincoln stood in front of a group of American citizens, trying to aspire his people to not participate in the revolutionary actions which could start the Civil War.
  • Having been singing "Go Down Moses" to signal to slaves that she is in the area, Harriet Tubman meets with slaves to help being them to freedom.
  • "Thank you so much Harriet!"
  • "Tell me PharaohTo let my people go."
  • Jim is allowing Huck to sleep on the raft while he watches around, thinking about his future. He is excited to be so close to freedom and is anxiously waiting to be able to buy his families freedom.
  • "I'm so close to freedom, and then I am finally going to be able to free my family!"