Buddhism Storyboard
Updated: 1/13/2020
Buddhism Storyboard
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  • About 2,500 years ago Siddhartha Gautama was born. His Father was a king and his mother died seven days after giving birth to him.His father wanted to keep him sheltered from religion and human hardships. And raised him in a palace built just for him.
  • When the Prince reached his late 20s he was able to journey outside the palace walls. He saw a very old man. His chariot driver explained how all people grow old.
  • The Prince began taking more and more trips. One day he saw a very sick man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. Ascetics are people who live on very little food and water. The driver said that the ascetics gave up goods so they would no longer be afraid of death of suffering.
  • He was overcome by the sights and thoughts. The next day when he was 29 he left his kingdom to lead to an ascetic life. He wanted to find a way to relive the suffering.
  • For the next six years he lived an ascetic life, studied and meditated. When he did not get answers to his questions, he increased his efforts, enduring pain, fasting nearly to starvation and refusing water.
  • That night he sat under the Bodhi tree. He meditated until the sun came up the next day. And stayed their for several days.When he finally found the answers to his questions about suffering he became Buddha. Buddha taught that life is a cycle of suffering and joy. When he became enlightened he discovered "4 Noble Truths. Buddhism spread across Asia during the Gupta Empire.
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