Hitler timeline
Updated: 1/31/2020
Hitler timeline
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  • Early life and early adult life for hitler
  • Hitler was born in 1889
  • Germany lost WW1, 1918
  • As a teen, Hitler moved to Munich,Germany, 1913
  • germany signed the treaty of versailles, 1919
  • Hitler and politics
  • Hitler was imprisoned for his role in the beer hall putsch,1923
  • The us stock market crashed,1929
  • Hitler was named chancellor of germany, 1933
  • the nazi party wan the majority of votes in Germany's parliament, 1932
  • More politics
  • Hitler appointed himself as fuhrer becoming germany's supreme ruler after president Paul von dindenburg's death, 1934
  • Germany annexed Austria and took over part of czechoslovakia,1938
  • The start of WWII
  • Nazi officials selected around 20,000 germans with mental or physical disabilities to be gassed to death,1939
  • Germany invaded Poland and it started WWII,1939
  • During war
  • every jew was forced to wear a yellow star of david and live in ghettos. 1941
  • Throughout the spring and summer germany conquered Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, belgium, luxembourg, and france. 1940
  • The end of the war
  • the allied forces created the state of isreal, 1948
  • the allied forces found concentration camps,1945
  • hitler killed himself, !945
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