Updated: 6/14/2020

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  • School Life
  • I am too shy to talk...
  • In Classroom
  • Virtual Reality Technology
  • Experience Technology
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Children with hearing impairment are often unable to communicate with others smoothly because they cannot hear the surrounding sound clearly. In school, these children are often shy about expressing themselves.
  • User View
  • VR technology can not only present a variety of pictures with rich colors for these children, stimulate their interest in visual pictures and cultivate their initiative in language learning, but also visualize the key points and difficulties in language teaching
  • Happy Ending
  • Discussion
  • VR helps children with hearing impairment to link visual pictures with language information and improve their ability to understand language.
  • VR technology can realize children's comprehensive understanding of things, fully meet their physical, emotional, and cognitive needs, and greatly enhance their participation and autonomy in learning.
  • Space AdventureSTART
  • After children have established correct perceptions, they can happily communicate with others.