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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Eli Whitney's famous cotton gin
  • In 1794, the cotton gin was patented. It was a machine that used rotating brushes and teeth to remove seeds from cotton fiber.
  • This is my cotton factory.
  • Slavery increased greatly when the cotton gin was invented. The cotton planters made good profit out of it. Land and slave labor was a big thing.
  • Hmm. She's a hard worker.
  • More white men want me because cotton has become so important to the slave industry.
  • Slaves were made to pick cotton from the fields all day. If one of them didn't work hard enough, they were sold or beaten. Many kids picked the cotton because they were easier at getting around.
  • We're always picking cotton for our master.
  • Before the cotton gin was invented, slaves did much labor removing the seeds from the cotton. It was unprofitable.
  • This is taking forever!
  • The economy had a vast increase ever since I invented the cotton gin.
  • The yield of raw cotton basically doubled every decade after 1800.
  • Basically, the cotton gin changed the economy and slavery. Slaves may not have removed the seeds but they still did more profitable labor.
  • My slaves work hard for the money I receive!
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