Storyboard Human Factors Milestone 4
Updated: 4/9/2021
Storyboard Human Factors Milestone 4

Storyboard Text

  • Of course! I'll send someone with you to your home to set it up.
  • Hello, I bought a VitaLight system and require help setting it up.
  • Of course! My pleasure.
  • Thank you so much for setting up my VitaLight system!
  • Yes, that is correct.
  • Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Nishanth, which city do you live in?
  • Blacksburg, this correct?
  • Alright, VitaLight, I'm going to bed now.
  • Understood Nishanth. I will update overnight.
  • Good Morning, VitaLight.
  • Good Morning, Nishanth. Your VitaLight system update was successful.
  • Ok, Nishanth...setting system to low power mode in ten minutes.
  • VitaLight, I'm heading out.