The Industrial Adventure of Industro
Updated: 11/7/2020
The Industrial Adventure of Industro

Storyboard Text

  • William is an average Joe. During the day, he works in a Factory called "Sammy's Ham Co."
  • Mr. Industro was later fired. But his actions would not be in vain, as his former Boss was forced to change working conditions for the better.
  • William does not like this job one bit. The work conditions are terrible, the hours are extreme, and the pay is barely enough to get by.
  • William had enough, and vowed to stand up for workers' rights. He would go to court and fight for better conditions. Thus making him "Mr. Industro."
  • Mr. Industro, an average joe with no superpowers, became a superhero by using his words and rights. He fought to improve working conditions, reduce working hours, and grant workers compensation for overtime.
  • These improvements were sanitary environments, overtime compensation, and reduced working hours. With this, came the same changes to other Cannery factories alike. And although Mr. Industro may not have a job, he will be hailed and praised by many Industrial Cannery Factory workers who will go on to tell his story.
  • So there you have it. A progressive superhero who used his freedom of speech and right to appeal working conditions. Mr. Industro improved the conditions for his generation, and future generations. If not for him, people working in Industrial Cannery factories would be subjected to terrible conditions and pay.
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