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Updated: 10/15/2020
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  • This is the Paleolithic era the beginning of the stone age when the glaciers were melting allowing people to find more food these people were nomadic which meant they went from place to place to find food.
  • A deer finally food!.
  • This is the neolithic era where agriculture really took off people were able to make villages and have reliable food.
  • These are the people of the stone age the hunters and gatherers the women and children gathered and the men hunted.
  • These fruits will taste good.
  • Agriculture allowed people to build villages which made life much easier.
  • This is the Mesolithic era the middle period of the stone age where farming and taming animals started and people were able to use fire to their advantage.
  • what if I can tame this animal.
  • With farming we can live in one place longer
  • And with animals we have food longer.
  • Yeah I really do.
  • Do you like your new house .
  • Now with agriculture and villages we can have more jobs like building.
  • With farming and homes people were able to specialize in more jobs than hunting and farming.
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