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Kinetics Assessment
Updated: 5/5/2020
Kinetics Assessment
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  • Hello.
  • To the watering hole!
  • This is Fred. He is a zebra and lives with his herd in the African savanna. Fred and his herd are like the molecules in a chemical reaction.
  • Move faster!
  • Get out of my way!
  • During the summer months, the savanna can get really hot.
  • On especially hot days, Fred and his herd rush to the nearest watering hole so they can cool down and relax. In a chemical reaction, an increase in temperature causes the molecules to move faster, like the zebras rushing towards the water.
  • By: Kirsten Reeves Period 5
  • All the zebras run as fast as they can! They rush to the water, running and bumping into each other along the way. When the temperature of a solution increases in a chemical reaction, the molecular energy levels also increase, causing the reaction to go faster. The molecules are more likely to collide with each other like the zebras becoming increasingly more clumsy as they get closer to the water. 
  • Once they get there, all the zebras cram along the shore. All trying to get a sip of water.
  • Oh no! All the crowding has caused some zebras to fall into the water! In a chemical reaction when the temperature decreases the molecule move slower and collide less. All the zebras have effectively cooled down and will not cause anymore collisions.
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