Granny squinnt.
Updated: 2/12/2021
Granny squinnt.

Storyboard Description

By Millie Fry

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • I Am sorry Granny Squanet I will never be bad again.
  • Conflict
  • It's Granny Squinnt
  • Ha Goch ya ha ha
  • Rising Action
  • I'm Getting tired
  • Granny Squnit lived in a cave,whenever kid were bad they got a visit from Granny Squnit,eney kid whole have been visited by granny Squnit was never bad, No one had ever seen her face,it was cover by her hair.
  • Cilmex
  • There was a boy named Bad young mad who was very bad he would burn his dad arrows in the ocean one day is was pushing kids into the lake and out of now were granny squanet came and took him to her cave.
  • Falling Action
  • To Remind you of the goodness in your heart
  • Granny squinnt took him back to her cave and gave his so green soup after Bad Young mad was done he went to sleep.
  • Resolution
  • We Love You High Eagle!!
  • bad Young Man tries to escape but wonder that no one had seen Granny Squinnt face so he creeps over and moves her hair just to see one big ganit eye staring at him.
  • Granny Squinnt Gives Him a medic bag to remind him of all the goodness in his heart then takes him back to the village.
  • Bad Young Man is not bad anymore he is now know as high eagle and he is the grand schum of his tribe.
  • Thank you :)