When i meet the sea

Updated: 10/26/2020
When i meet the sea

Storyboard Text

  • I will try
  • Relax, all will be god.
  • That is our hotel
  • We should have taken a taxi
  • We have walked for arrive here.
  • This is very funny
  • Yes, we hadn´t played in the beach
  • The first time to I traveled in airplane was with my girlfriend, 5 years ago. In that moment I was nervous, because i hadn´t had any similar situation but the flight was quiet and we din´t have porblems.
  • In this occasion we went to San Andres, is a bueatiful place and we could visit the most important places to the island.
  • I think to the boat is moving a lot
  • All days we played in the sand, the beach in San Adres are wonderful, because the sea have different colors and the water is clear.
  • The best experience to we had, was diving in the sea. We saw hundreds to fish. I never have seen many fishes how that day.
  • Other incredible experience, we went to Providencia in boat, in this travel was four hours. We were relax while some people were barfing because the dizziness.
  • In conclusion this travel was incredible. All expiriences to we lived created beautiful memories and definitely we will repeat aganin that travel.