The Fall of Francis

Updated: 6/20/2021
The Fall of Francis

Storyboard Text

  • After Francis left the house and Micheal followed, they headed to Desirea's to get fixed up from the fight at the Ex.
  • I don't get it. You said it happened at the audition. Were you jumped?
  • Easy homeboy. You got to calm down.
  • There's something wrong with his eyes
  • They realised as they looked at one another that they were outcasts in this place full of opportunity. Their skin will always define them.
  • Homeboy...
  • It's no use. We can't do anything.
  • The police came to Desirea's after hearing a complaint. There were a lot more police officers than usual. They asked for ID and to stand against the wall.
  • When the officers said that Francis didn't need help. Francis got mad because there was no reason to suspect him. The officers had their guns prepared.
  • Fran. Please.
  •  I think I want you to sit down, sir.
  • You think I'm crazy. You think I'm dangerous
  • Everyone was telling Francis to stop and just listen to the cop, but he kept demanding the officers to tell him what's wrong.
  • Francis...
  • Don't touch him.
  • After Francis yelled, it was finished. Micheal couldn't even hear the bullet, only his brother's body as it crumpled to the ground.