Unknown Story
Updated: 2/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Chapter 1: Equality's Tunnel
  • " 'We shall go down,' we said to International 4-8818." Pg. 31
  • " 'It is forbidden,' they answered" Pg. 31
  • "We knew suddenly the this place was left from the Unmentionable Times." Pg. 32
  • Katelyn HarroPeriod 5
  • " ' keep silent. This place is ours. This place belongs to us, Equality 7-2521,' " Pg. 34
  • "Thus did it come to pass that each night, when the stars are high and the Street Sweepers sit in the City Theatre, we, Equality 7-2521, steal out and run through the darkness to our place." Pg. 35
  • "We have stolen glass vials and powders and acids from the Home of the Scholars. Now we sit in the tunnel for three hours each night and we study." Pg. 35
  • "We are defying the will of our council. We are alone, of thousands who walk this earth." Pg. 36