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chemical changes
Updated: 9/30/2020
chemical changes
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  • first the egg is fully complete no cracks or broken and the pig is still alive.they take the egg from its hen and take it to the kitchen and starts to crack it open and it is put in with oil with the pan and it starts to heat when the egg was broken it was woggle and only had youk and the yellow part it starts to change its smell shape and its taste the pig is the same but you have to kill it first and also puts its meat on the hot pan and it starts to change its smell and color while being cook this is a chemical property changes because your frying egg and a pig/bacon which might change its look taste color
  • the torch needs to be lightened up so first to be able to make the little torch make fire you need to find wood as soon as you found wood try to light the torch up then you put it on the wood and the wood that you had lighted with the small torch has become a fire camp and once your done or if its blown away the wood either might of gotten smaller change of shape or it either turn to ashes the chemical property that change this was first the mach dint have noting on it so the mach will be lighting or burning one the wood was cut down from a tree so that changes its shape and the mach has set the logs of wood on fire so that will most likely be burning and the fire will either start to grow if it stays there for to long the log of wood is like melting or getting smaller or it will most likely change to ashes
  • you have a normal paper the paper does not have any marks,writing,cuts,drawings its just blank and straight until you or someone or something crumbles it up ans when u open it up again it now is very wrinkling so it change to being normally straight and normal size when the paper has been crumple and has became shorter and here's another thing that can also change by the paper being more crumple up. to be able to make the crumble up paper to make it rough to a soft paper and it changes its looks texture all you need to do is crumple a a note book paper once it crumble open the crumple paper and crumble it up again and allover you will feel some warm heat and getting softer and it also has became much more shorter then the fresh crumble paper and it texture is now soft as a cloth its chemical changes will most likely be texture,height,and looks as well
  • water and sugar is a very good example of chemical changes because u cant split the water and sugar apart once you had pour it in the water like example you cant spit the the water on one cup and the sugar in another cups because its mix together its impossible to pull/split apart because it's mix together the color of the water might change to clear to white color or it might stay half half what i mean about that is half clear and half white the taste also changes it and that will be the chemical change
  • a cube that melts t a puddle of water and making ice cubes is also a very good explanation and example so to be able to make ice cubes you will need a tray and then u pour water and then you will pour it in the freezer first its liquid and normal temperature well depends what temperature you used and when you get the ice cubes out its now cold and its a solid its color ,texture,temperature has change and when it is left outside,in the sun,hot/warm places it will turn back to what it used to be wich will be water and back again a liquid the chemical change will be ice melting
  • orange juice is also a good example because this one u cant also split/spit out the orange the water and the sugar because those three the chemical change would be the color would be darker after the sugar has been added to the orange and the taste would of made it more sweeter
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