A New Friend
Updated: 12/12/2020
A New Friend

Storyboard Description

On a cold chilly night on Christmas day, I was in my backyard playing with my new toys and I saw a little glow of a shining red light I thought to myself what could that light be? First, Walking a little closer It got brighter and brighter until I saw a miniature sized reindeer. I stood and stared at the little creature it looked back at me the same. In school I study to be veterinarian and reindeer was one of my favorite animals. Second, Now I know that I have a dog but reindeer would be an cool pet to have. I had to have a plan “I know” I said. My mother has lots of reindeer decoration in the house Rudolph could be a disguise. Lastly, I walked into the house with Rudolph in my hands My mom saw me she said “ What's that you have?” My face grew pale “A decoration I want to put in my room?” I mumbled. I really loved the way Rudolph looked at me but It was almost like I could read his eyes. And they said Do you have a way back home and That's what I thought but I followed. I asked “can you fly?” He nodded I opened the window and he flew away With a wink goodbye. I really hope that Rudolph Will visit again. This was the BEST Christmas ever!

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