marta the crucible
Updated: 2/3/2021
marta                      the crucible

Storyboard Text

  • i don´t blieve in witchcraft. i went see abigail she told me the truth
  • thank you Mery warren.its beautiful.
  • what bring you hear Mrs.Hale
  • Good evening Mr. Hale
  • proctor can barely believe the craze and he tells elizabeth that abigail had sworn her dancing had nothing to do with witchcraft elizabeth wants him to testify that the accusations are a sham he says that he cannot prove his allegation because abigail told him this information while they were alone in a room
  • john! they took my wife that bloody mongrel Walcoot charge her
  • How is rebecca charge.Mr.nurse
  • Giles what the matter?
  • when marry warren returns home, she gives elizabeth a doll that she sewed in court, saying that it is a gift report hat thirty-nine people now stand accused john and mary argue over whether mary can continue attending the trials .
  • i hope yout´re taking this for proof mister!
  • the williams that the girl of abigail williams sir. that sat to the dinner in revendens parris house tonight and without wordsnor woarning she falls in the floor
  • why, she done it herself
  • hale visits the proctors because he wants to speak with everyone whose name has been mentioned in connection with witchcraft .hale proceeds to ask questions about the christian character of the proctor home. he notes that the proctors have not often attended church and that their youngest son is not yet baptized proctor explains that he does not like parrisś particular theology
  • you´re not taking my wife
  • proctor points out that they would have been hanged without a confession giles and francis rush into proctors home. crying that their wives have been arrested
  • Ezekiel cheever and herrick the town marshal arrive with a warrant for elizabeth arrest hale is surprised because last he heard elizabeth was not charged with anything . cheever asks if elizabeth owns any dolls, and elizabeth replies that she has not owned dolls since she was a girl.
  • Cheever finds a needle inside it. Cheever relates that abigail had a fit at dinner in parris house that evening parris found a needle in her abdomen and abigail accused elizabeth of witchcraft elizabeth brings mary downstairs .mary informs the inquisitors that she made the doll while in court and stuck the needle in it herself.